Competition Rules 2016/2017

  1. Handicaps will be assessed at the September meeting. They may be subject to review any time up to the Quarter Finals of Competitions. The decision of the Committee shall be final.
  2. All team Knockout Competitions use alternate pairings where the first name down is determined by the toss of a coin. They are played off individual handicaps as set by the Committee. Any team competition unless scheduled dates are set, should be arranged mutually between the captains. In the event of difficulty it is necessary for the home captain to offer the away captain 3 dates, 1 of which must be accepted provided the dates are different weekdays spread over at least 2 weeks. All team Cup comps shall be operated on a shared refereeing basis.

    Allan Parker KO Cup, Harold Mills KO Cup: 6 frames of singles and 7th frame decider if required between players nominated by the captains.

    Mac & Jack: 3 frames of Pairs with the winners decided on aggregate. Handicaps for each pair are arrived at by adding individual handicaps together and then dividing by 2 (Rounded up where appropriate). Home captains to decide if the match is 1 frame followed by 2, 2 frames followed by 1 or three frames ran independently.

  3. There are 6 individual competitions and 1 Pairs competition. It is the responsibility of BOTH players to arrange matches, unless scheduled dates are set, and notify the Secretary of results by the set deadlines. If any of the 2 frame aggregate matches are level at the end the players shall play out a re-spotted Black to decide the winner. All players entering individual or Pairs competitions must give their telephone contact number to the League Secretary with their competition entry. A form for this purpose will be given to each delegate.

    Clare Cup: Scratch Comp, Best of 3 Frames up to and including Quarter Finals, Semis and Final Best of 5.

    Crystal Fires: Handicap Comp, 1 Frame up to and including Semi-Finals, Final Best of 3.

    Tower Heating Pairs, Mike Blundell Veterans (50+),Sunburst Delegates, Tommy Tickle (u35's): Handicap Comps, 2 Frames on Aggregate throughout Comp.

    George Gilroy Billiards: Handicap Comp run on a Round Robin basis with or without knockout stages depending on number of entrants. Comp run by Frank Bradley and handicaps set by same.
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